How it Works?

Parity Newswire offers press release distribution service to Google News approved websites. There are different options using which you can publish your press release directly on multiple Google News approved websites. This is how it will work:

After you select a particular package and make payment for the same, we will send you a list of websites that you can publish your PRs to. For example if you have select a 10,000 PR pack, you get to publish a total of 10,000 PRs within 30 days on all the domains you have select. If you select 5 websites from the list we sent you, you can equally divide the 10,000 PRs among the 5 websites i.e. 2,000 PRs each and publish 2,000 PRs on each of the 5 websites within 30 days. You can also distribute the PRs unequally based on your requirement. You can have 1,000 PRs on 4 websites and the remaining 6,000 PRs on just 1 domain.

Please do note that the validity of all our packs (except trial and single PRs) is 30 days. You need to utilize the PRs within the 30 days time limit. We will not offer any roll overs of the remaining PRs into the next cycle.